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Executive Director’s Corner

TIVA, New Media and You

by Todd Clark, TIVA Executive Director

Todd ClarkAs TIVA enters its 30th (or near enough) year of service to the region’s Television, Internet and Video community, I am recognizing that TIVA is at a significant juncture in its current growth, identity and service.

We are both not the TIVA of years ago, given the radially different digital and new platform universe we are now living in, but we are most assuredly the TIVA of today — working hard to keep pace with this ever-changing and dynamic new frontier of meet-up groups, Facebook groups and other support mechanisms and resources that have not existed in quite the same way as they do now today.

And new production technology, editing software, and the ever-changing dynamics of how we communicate information to each other through the exploding world of podcasts, live-streaming, Instagram and other platforms force us to keep rethinking what we are doing as content providers and how it gets produced and digested.

2019 Accomplishments

As a smaller Board this past year, we have all been working hard behind the scenes. This past year, we have been able to initiate and continue the planning for the upcoming 23rd annual TIVA Peer Awards (to be held in the Spring of 2020), along with an associated Peer Awards Showcase, akin to a film festival where full-length showings of Gold-recognized work will be run.

We have been able to keep a fairly consistent and very lively monthly calendar of panels/workshops and get-togethers happening, along with a massive Mega Tech Gear Yard Sale this summer at Barbizon. And we look forward to a continued calendar of events as we enter the new year.

The iForum listserv continues to be active, and we will have a major presence with an exclusive streaming booth (for the second year) at the upcoming Video Show (formerly the GV Expo) on December 4th and 5th, where we will conduct interviews with exhibitors, speakers, and others. (See the accompanying article in this very newsletter for more details.)

New ideas

TIVA has traditionally put on two full events every month, published a monthly print newsletter, organized monthly happy hours at a local bar, videotaped every meeting, been a major participant and content provider at the GV Expo (now known as The Video Show).

  1. Should we try to build on this capacity to also have each meeting live-streamed? Or perhaps consider doing a monthly/weekly TIVA podcast?
  2. How can we best continue being a source for information about changing trends and technologies?
  3. What features and content would you want to see in an all-digital newsletter?

TIVA has the capacity and opportunity to be smarter, more creative, aggressively proactive and wisely responsive to “today's environment.” Can you provide some time and effort to guide and influence that journey?

Join the TIVA Board

As we begin a new year of service, now is the right time to think about bringing your ideas, energy and resources to the TIVA Board. Our programming schedule is beginning to look exciting, but we need many hands on deck to help bring these wonderful ideas to life. Helping to coordinate panels is a really wonderful way to meet and work closely with some fascinating folks across all sectors of our industry, and in the process bring a good idea to life. The Peer Awards Gala and the Peer Awards Showcase are going to be exciting new ways to celebrate excellence in achievement, and each event would benefit from your ideas and input. In today’s environment the involvement of TIVA’s members is what makes TIVA the great resource it is.

The issue is defining just what exactly “today's environment” is and what it means both for the millennial set who are charging full force into it and for seasoned folks who have been plugging away at it for many years. TIVA will continue to be a resource for both, and your ideas, questions, and input will make that possible! Get in touch with me today — or see the dedicated article in this newsletter — to learn about how you can become involved with the Board.

Todd Clark

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