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TIVA-DC Member Discussion Forums

iForum Rules & Guidelines

These rules & guidelines also apply to our new online Discussion Forums.
  1. iForum is a professional communications tool. Only production industry-related messages are permitted on iForum. No off-topic ("OT") messages will be allowed, even if they are labeled as such.
  2. Advertisement and unsolicited promotion of one's business or services is not permitted on iForum. TIVA-DC will be the final arbiter of whether or not a member's message constitutes advertisement or unsolicited promotion.
  3. Subject lines must be descriptive, useful and easily understood. Blank subject lines are not allowed.
  4. No graphics, attachments or download files of any kind will be permitted on iForum.
  5. Every e-mail message posted to iForum must end with the name and e-mail address of the sender. Messages that do not include this information may be removed without notice.
  6. All iForum communications should be kept civil, brief, non-repetitive, and to the point as a courtesy to other iForum subscribers. Any disputes between subscribers must be kept between those individuals, not posted to iForum .
  7. Messages that do not adhere to these rules and guidelines may be removed from iForum without notice. Member subscribers who do not adhere to these rules and guidelines may be suspended or permanently banned from using iForum with or without notice, at the discretion of TIVA-DC.
  8. Use of iForum is a benefit of membership in TIVA-DC, but that benefit is a privilege and not a right. TIVA-DC has full and final authority to interpret and enforce the iForum rules and guidelines as necessary to preserve the value of iForum for TIVA-DC's membership.
  9. Users of iForum participate in iForum voluntarily and at their own risk, and accept full responsibility for their participation and for the content of any postings that they may make on iForum. TIVA-DC hereby disclaims any and all responsibility and any and all liability for the content of any postings on iForum, and for any loss, offense, injury or other harm of any kind whatsoever that may result directly or indirectly at any time from any postings on iForum.
  10. The iForum may not be used in soliciting any illegal activities.

iForum Technical Details

iForum is not connected to our website and is hosted by a third party vendor, GoogleGroups.

New TIVA-DC members are automatically added to iForum.

If you decide you want to stop your subscription, the simplest thing to do is to click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. You will be automatically unsubscribed.  If you are interested in the content but don't want so many emails, you can subscribe to a digest. You can change your settings yourself (see instructions below for logging in and changing settings), or email  iforum_moderate@tivadc.org and we will change them for you.  

Logging into the TIVA-DC Email Lists Site  

To change your own iForum settings, log onto https://groups.google.com/a/tivadc.org/group/iForum/.     
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