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Peer Promise Awards

An integral component of the TIVA Peer Awards event, the Peer Promise Awards are designed to provide recognition to high school students in the mid-Atlantic region who create outstanding work, either as individual or team projects, within or outside the classroom, or in association with a media-based community organization. (Past submissions to the Peer Promise Awards cannot be resubmitted.)

Peer Promise Guidelines

How to Submit an Entry: To submit an entry for the Peer Promise Awards at the 23rd Annual TIVA Peer Awards, visit the dedicated FilmFreeway submission site at https://filmfreeway.com/TIVAPeerAwards and (following the submission instructions detailed here), select the Peer Promise - High School category in the list at the right of the submission page.

Eligibility and Restrictions: All members of the production and post-production crew must be high school students and 19 years old or younger on the day the film is submitted. (Actors are exempt from this restriction.)

Professional Advice: Industry professionals and instructors may give advice during the making of your student film. However, TIVA does not allow any hands-on involvement by professionals in key positions, including but not limited to: directors, producers, camera persons, editors, writers, or production sound mixers. Please note: The Peer Promise Committee reserves the right to disqualify from competition any entry in which such professionals have exerted undue influence.

Judging: The entries will be judged on the basis of creativity, content organization, and technical skill of production, such as editing, directing, lighting, cinematography, and sound. Judges will pay particular attention to how effectively the video used its selected category (i.e., drama, music video, animation, documentary, science fiction, or PSA) and the degree to which the production achieved its stated goals and communicated to its intended audience.

Awards: The First Place award winner will receive a prestigious Peer Promise Award Statue. Second and Third Place award winners receive a Silver or Bronze Certificate. All finalist winners will be invited to attend the Peer Awards Ceremony free of charge to accept their award.

Peer Promise FAQs

How many videos can I submit?
You can submit up to two (2) videos.
What does it cost to enter?
There is no cost to enter!
What are the key dates for the Peer Promise Awards?
July 31, 2019: Early bird entry deadline
November 30, 2019: Regular entry deadline
December 31, 2019: Late entry deadline
March 6, 2020: Award finalists notification
March 20, 2020: Peer Award ceremony
April 13, 2020: Peer Award Gold Award showcase
When and where will the Peer Promise Awards be presented?
The awards will be presented at the 23rd Annual TIVA Peer Awards ceremony on March 20, 2020. Venue details will be forthcoming later this fall.
Who attends the Peer Awards ceremony?
More than 200 professionals involved in production for television, Internet, and video attend this event. Producers, directors, editors, scriptwriters, talent (on-camera and voice-over), animators, sound artists, composers, and many more professions are represented. For many, the Peer Awards ceremony is the one must-attend event of the year.
What does it cost to attend the Peer Promise Awards ceremony and banquet?
Details are still being worked out, but traditionally, each Peer Promise Award finalist entry is provided a free ticket to the awards event (one ticket per finalist). Tickets for high school students beyond that entry, who are not award recipients (crew, friends, etc.), as well as teachers/advisors or parents and relatives, will be determined in the spring (and may be limited).
What if I have additional questions about the Peer Promise Awards?
Please email peerpromise@tivadc.org and specify Peer Promise in the subject line.
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