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TIVA Yard Sale & Cookout

  • 07/19/2014
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • DCTV - 901 Newton Street N.E. Washington, D.C. 20017


  • in effect 24 hours prior to event
  • Valid 24 hours prior to the event.
  • Available through July 10
  • Available July 11-15 only
  • Available through July 8
  • Available July 9-15 only
  • Available though July 8
  • Available July 9-15 only

Registration is closed
For the third year straight, TIVA is holding our new/used gear yard sale. In the past, it's been a great opportunity for folks to unload gear that's gathering dust, be it production gear, post production gear, or any flotsam related to the film/video/audio industry. For folks who need gear, it's a chance to see the gear in person, talk to the owner, and hopefully make some handy purchases!

At the Yard Sale, we also break out the grill and bbq some burgers and dogs, and have drinks to quench your thirst in the hot summer sun. That's included with admission.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SELLING SOME STUFF, please register here and send an email to nicole.haddock@gmail.com for more details. DCTV does allow us to have access to the building so you'll have access to electricity.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BUYING, now's the time to register.

Please check back here for gear lists and further info!

fun at the 2012 Yard Sale


Chris Li-
Camtram Dolly
Sachtler tripod
Panasonic GH2 camera
Panasonic HPX 500 camera
Panasonic HVX200 camera
Panasonic AF100 Camera

Kelley Slagle
(partial list)
Mackie Onyx usb audio interface
Various rackmount amplifiers
Sure beta 87 mic
A nice tripod whose brand I can't remember offhand

Nicole Haddock
KATA Bumblebee UL-222 Backpack.
Crumpler 5 million dollar camera bag.
Intuos 3 Wacom 6x8 tablet.  
Tokina 12-24mm  F4 (IF) DX wide angle lens.(This is not a full frame lens, i.e. not for the D800.) Includes hood and 77mm clear filter.
Nikon 55-200mm F4-5.6 DX zoom lens.  Includes clear 52mm filter.
Western Digital TV Live. $80 new, asking $60. Never used.
Replay XD 1080 full camera package, including monitor, batteries, various accessories and pelican case.Never used.
Various computer cables, tech books, DVD cases and such.

Hal McArthur
(partial list)
Sony HVR-Z1U camcorder
rain coat for HVR-Z1U
Ewa Marine - splash bag for Sony HVR-Z1U
wide angle lens for HVR-Z1U
Letus Lens system for HVR-Z1U
Sony DCR-VX 2000 MiniDV camcorder
Sony DCR VX 2100 MiniDV camcorder
Sony HDR-HC7 HDV Camcorder
Sony HDR-HC3 HDV Camcorder
VholdR Contour HD 1080p sport camera w/ water case
Focus FS-H200 portable DTE recorder
Panasonic AJ-D200 DVCPRO camcorder
Panasonic AJ-SD93 DVCPro50 deck
Ikegami TM9 - 9” color field monitor - accepts anton/bauer battery
Varizoom 5.6" LCD Monitor
reference monitor Sony Trinitron PVM-14M4U
Shure FP-33 mixer -  Porta-Brace case
Sony DVDirect MC6 Multi-Function DVD Recorder

Justin Shauble/new District Media
1. 2 Kino 4X4 Gaffer Kit with case, cables and ballast (bulbs included)
2. Misc Pepper Light Fixtures with case
3. AJA Ki Pro with 80 gig HD
4. 17” Panasonic Production Monitor

Sheila Smith
4 Anton Bauer brick batteries
Small hoodman
Dv cam tape, vhs tape, beta tape
Frezzi mini fill light with diachronic filter
Calzone case
Sony PVM-9l3 monitor
Cam Wave WEVI video transmitter
1 k dimmers
Polaroid dvd player
VHS deck
Panasonic dvd recorder
Flash lights for still cameras
Canon Sure shot camera
Panasonic dvd player
Big gray hard camera cases
Battery chargers
5 bp90 batteries
Minolta light meter
Minolta spot meter
Trinity portable monitor
Polaroid land cameras (2)
Filters (2) black pro mist, star, circular polorizer (82mm)
System 90 charger for bp 90 or anton bauer batteries
Century precision wide angler converter .8
Anton battery quad charger
Petroff matte box
Old spot lights
V mount to anton bauer adapter
Camera straps
2 Anton battery 30 volt battery belts

William Livingston
I am bringing a Losmandy Porta-Jib..

Dominic Desantis is selling:
Panasonic AF-100 with Olympus 12-60mm zoom. 2 batteries and a charger.
Rokinon 14mm Cine Lens
Rokinon 85mm Cine lens
AJA KiPro Mini Pro Res Recorder with 15mm Rail mount
Mole Richardson Baby Soft Light with Egg Crate.
4x Mole Richardson Open Face Broad Lights.

Roy Harris is selling:
Shure FP33 mixer package
Panasonic HPG20 P2 recorder
AJA HD10AVA Analog to SDI converter
5 Sony ECM77B Lavalier microphones
2 XS Chimeras
2 Mole-Richardson 1k Baby Fresnel Solarspot tungsten lights
2 Arri 1k open face lights
3 Sonotrim Lavalier microphones w/TA5 connector

Panasonic DVCPRO50 M/N: AJ-D960P x4
VIDEOTEK RCU-102 M/N: 02970007
Tektronix Stereo Audio Monitor 760A
Sony Video Monitor M/N: PVM- 4B1U x2
Sony Trinitron M/N: PVM- 14M2U x2
Sony HR Trinitron M/N: PVM- 14N4U
Lance Design VTR Control M/N: HSE-100
FOR-A DCC-700 M/N: DCC-700U
FOR-A DCC-700 M/N: DCC-700
FOR-A DCC- 700 M/N: DCC-700
DigiCart II Plus 360 Systems M/N: 2705-15
Fostex Speakers M/N: PM- 2 MKII
Cybex KVM Extender M/N: 500-134-001
DigiCart II 360 Systems M/N: RC210/220
Chyron Duet M/N: DUETKYBD
ViewSonic VG800 M/N: VLCDS23896-1W
Marshall Video Monitor M/N: V-R70DP
Samsung SyncMaster 570S TFT M/N: CN15LSAAN
Trilogy Commander Control Panel x4
Trilogy Desktop Talkback Panel M/N: 500-41-00 x2
Sony Hyper HAD Camera M/N: BPV-750
Sony Hyper HAD Camera M/N: BPV-750
RTS Telex Portable Headset Station M/N: BP325 x4
Network VikinX Control Panel M/N: 32-ProS x4
Network VikinX Control Panel M/N: 32-ProXY
Sony Remote Control Panel M/N: RCP-720
Sony Remote Control Panel M/N: RCP-740
Rack 11: Network VikinX AudioRouter M/N: A3232
Rack 11: Network VikinX Control Panel M/N: 32-ProXY
Rack 11: dbx Compressor M/N: 166XL
Rack 11: dbx Compressor M/N: 166XL
Rack 11: Denon CD Player M/N: DN-C630
Rack 11: Wohler Technologies Analog Audio Monitor Panel M/N: AMP1A
Rack 11: Crown D-75A M/N: D-75A
Rack 11: Soundcraft Spirit M/N: DCP-200
Rack 8: DPS Multi-Function Analog/Digital AV Synchronizer M/N: DPS-475
Rack 8: DPS Multi-Function Analog/Digital AV Synchronizer M/N: DPS-475
Rack 8: Trilogy Mentor Plus M/N: SPG/TSG
Rack 8: Profile Audio Chassis M/N: PAC 200
Rack 8: Tektronix Video File Server M/N: PDR 200
Rack 8: Ross Video Limited Digital Production Switcher M/N: SYNERGY SERIES FR
Rack 9: Ross Video Limited Ross Gear x5
Rack 9: Network VikinX SerialRouter M/N: VD3232
Leitch Audio Distibution Amp M/N: FR-884
Rack 12: Middle Atlantic Productions 15 AMP Power System M/N: PD-815R-PL
Rack 12: Middle Atlantic Productions 15 AMP Power System M/N: PD-815R-PL
Rack 12: Telos System Inc. Telos One M/N: Telos-One-R
Rack 12: Telos System Inc. Telos One M/N: Telos-One-R
Rack 12: RTS Systems IFB System M/N: 4010
Rack 12: Trilogy Control Panel
Rack 12: RTS Systems System Interface M/N: SSA324
Rack 12: RTS Systems System Interface M/N: SSA324
Rack 12: RTS Systems Power Supply x4
Rack 12: RTS Systems Source Assign Panel M/N: SAP-1026
Rack 12: Trilogy Orator Intercom
Rack 12: Chyron Graphics Division Duet
Rack 7: Sony Camera Control Unit
Ross Video Limited Digital Production Switcher M/N: Synergy2
Ikegami Color Monitor M/N: TM10-17RN
Ikegami Color Monitor M/N: TM10-17RN
Telex RTS M/N: 4030
Tektronix PACXLR M/N: PAC216
Lance Design VTR Control M/N: HSE-100
Sony Master Setup Unit M/N: MSU-700
Sony Interface Unit M/N: PFV-L10

MIKE PANFIELD - texasmfp@gmail.com

grip heads, apple boxes, C-stands, metal scrims, wireless radio sets,

lav mics, dolly/track, filmmaking books, HMI lights

ABBY STERNBERG - abbym@erols.com

Petrol PRC-DV rain jacket (new, never used)

Shure M267 4 channel audio mixer

Editor 4 channel portable recorder R-44. New, in unopened box!

Anton Bauer Ultralight 2  camera light

NRG Varilite, camera light, 4 pin

2 NRG Varilite camera light, cigarette lighter connector

NRG 650-3 intelliquick hi-speed no-cad charge/conditioner unit

SONY DVCAM DSR 300 camera with Canon 18x lens

SONY DVCAM 370 camera with Fujinon 19x lens

KIAN McKELLAR - kian@kianmckellar.com

LaCie littlebig 1tb raid 0/1 thudnerbolt drive

LaCie d2 Quadr 2tb USB 3

LaCie 2big 6tb drives thunderbolt

Ninja 2 with case and hard drive

Drobo S with only three working drives

MARK ASHLEY - mmashley4@gmail.com

TR-04 Backstage camera cart with Mitchell base plate, hi-hat/low-hat bracket and tripod hooks

2 X AKS cases with foam padding

large PortaBrace camera bag, ditty bags and canvas bags

other various motion picture camera support equipment

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